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Benedict Cumberbatch pointing at a hundred otters.

In case you missed it, we’ve moved. All ages material (and maybe a few PG ones) over at

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Oi! We’ve moved.

All-ages photos now over at:

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You! We’ve moved.

Adult & Nude pictures now at:

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We’ve moved! All nude/adult images are over at:

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We’ve moved! All general-ages images are over at:

(Photo from keron on Flickr)

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The new posts (nudes/adult)

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The new posts (all ages)


New page for nude and/or erotic images


New page for general images

The more “all-ages” tumblr page



For a few reasons: boredom, low response, etc, I’ve decided to switch to one of the options I mentioned previously: splitting the blog up to adult and non-adult. On the new blogs, I’ve also dropped the sets-of-five aspect as not many people seemed to care.

This page will be open for the foreseeable short future, mainly due to the fact that if I simply changed this blog to one of the two new ones by name, I kill all the reposts, reblogs, etc.

I’ll be posting links to the new divided pages fairly soon.

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The Future?

I had a second e-mail from Tumblr recently saying that I posted a photo without permission - so they removed it. While I can certainly see their point, I also feel that I act as an unofficial publicity source for them.

I do not claim ownership or authorship of any of the posts unless specifically marked clearly as such - I, where possible, link to the appropriate subpage of the source’s website - I do not make a single penny from this site. This is NOT a commercial repackaging for profit. This is more like an electronic press kit - a fan publicizing others’ works simply to share, whether nudes, Batman, art or anything at all.

So, I’m putting this out there as I don’t get a lot of feedback beyond the occasional message from a couple regulars and as 600+ of you like me enough to follow, I’m curious to know what I’m doing right that keeps you on my list of followers.

I’m thinking of a few options:

Splitting the Tumblr into G-rated pics and non-G rated pics,

Splitting the Tumblr as above, but changing “Random Fives” to random single pictures.

Keeping things as they are, but perhaps moving to a different image sharing site that’s more open: maybe? Any site suggestions?

Let me know your thoughts - like the comics but hate the nudes? Like the nudes but hate the pop culture stuff? Really like the sets of five of a theme? Could care less about 5 pic sets? Something else entirely? Take just a single minute or more and drop me just even a one sentence reply. It’s time for change and I honestly want to know what you, a follower, thinks.


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Unknown photographer. Looks like they’re having fun.

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A saucy Aussie

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A bouncy untitled picture by HolgerWirth

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